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FICO (Fair Isaac)

FICO Partners with 41st Parameter’s Cybersecurity Technology

Enhanced device and digital consumer insights will reduce false positive rates for card-not-present fraud to increase revenues and customer satisfaction FICO has partnered with 41st Parameter, a part of Experian and a leader in securing online relationships, to fight fraud on card-not-present (CNP) transactions, the top source of payment card fraud today, while letting more genuine transactions proceed in real time. ... Read More »

FICO Debuts Solution Stack to Accelerate Big Data Analytics Adoption and Innovation

Groundbreaking data visualization, decision management and analytics bridge the gap between Big Data, analysis and decision execution FICO announced the general availability of the FICO® Solution Stack the FICO® Decision Management Platform and three new analytic and decision studios. The FICO Solution Stack is available in the cloud and as on-premises software. With 30 patents at its core, the FICO Solution Stack brings together ... Read More »

Fraud Prevention:  How People Fall Prey to “Friendly Fraud”

How many criminals do you know personally?  Most of us would answer “none” – but there is a worrying trend for fraudulent activity to be performed either by the “first” or “second” party rather than some remote, unknown third party. First-party fraud is essentially where the consumer uses either their own or a completely synthetic (fabricated) identity and sets out with ... Read More »

FICO: Technology, Economic Promise and Privacy

In the USS there is an ongoing debate over the technological and economic promise of Big Data and the tension created by privacy concerns.  The argument underscores a key question for policy leaders: Are existing privacy laws and policies sufficient to address the privacy risks that some envision in the era of Big Data?  Earlier this month, the White House ... Read More »

FICO Adds Big Data Analytics for Hadoop to FICO Analytic Cloud

FICO (NYSE:FICO) has acquired Big Data analytics technology from Karmasphere, Inc.  The acquisition includes Karmasphere’s Big Data analytics software for query construction and collaboration using Hadoop data stores, together with related intellectual property. As part of the FICO Analytic Cloud, this technology will power insights from Hadoop Big Data for analysts, data scientists and business users. “Our goal is to ... Read More »

FICO Launches Powerful Identity Resolution Engine That Helps Thwart Fraud Rings

50+ algorithms scour multiple data sources to help defeat criminal rings that perpetrate money laundering, insider fraud and other crimes FICO (NYSE:FICO) announced the general availability of FICO® Identity Resolution Engine 3.6, a powerful software solution that improves personal identification to detect criminal fraud rings and other forms of crime. The new version combines entity resolution with social network analytics ... Read More »

FICO Infographic: How Fast is Real-Time Fraud Detection?

FICO (NYSE: FICO) released an infographic illustrating the speed at which Big Data analytic software operates. In the example of credit card payments, analytic software is able to recognize potentially fraudulent transactions within 40-60 milliseconds — five times faster than you can blink. FICO® Falcon® Fraud Manager performs more than 15,000 calculations to detect fraud in less time than it takes a helicopter blade to ... Read More »

Australia Embraces Positive Credit Data

FICO reports that according to a new report from the Australian Retail Credit Association (ARCA), 62% of Australians fully support the country’s newly introduced credit reporting system—which, for the first time, will consider positive credit behavior. The favorable reaction by Australians is hardly surprising. The previous negative-only reporting system often punished consumers. It meant that their credit reports were assessed ... Read More »

Analytics: Hunting for Talent

“Attracting and Developing Talent in Data and Analytics” was an event run by the Executive Club of Chicago, and brought together 150 CIO/CMO level attendees across a broad spectrum of industry and academic institutions. FICO’s Andrew Jennings reports from the conference in his latest blog. Hunting unicorns.  Searching for top analytic talent is often described as hunting unicorns, however our ... Read More »

Impervious to Cyber Attack?

Business Continuity Awareness Week and FICO raises the question “are you sitting comfortably?”  One might not be if one has read all the articles about taking cyber security to the next level, or what is now known as cyber resilience. How does cyber resilience manifest itself? How can one start to make oneself – not just a business – impervious ... Read More »

Real-Time Analytics a Powerful Weapon in War on Payment Fraud

FICO has recently put together an infographic showing the evolution of real-time analytics for payment card fraud detection over the last 20 years. The infographic also shares notable facts about payment fraud in major countries, including France, India, Russia and the UK. For example, since 1992, US payment fraud as a percentage of all credit card transactions has dropped by ... Read More »

FICO Acquires InfoCentricity

Creates the broadest Cloud and on-premise offering for predictive analytics modeling FICO (NYSE:FICO), a leading predictive analytics and decision management software company, announced its intention to acquire InfoCentricity, a private, software-as-a-service-based predictive analytics software company based in Novato, California. The transaction is expected to close in April, 2014, upon satisfaction of typical closing conditions. Although terms were not disclosed, the transaction is ... Read More »