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Network Protection / Fraud Detection: FICO Awarded Four New Patents

Network Protection, Fraud Detection, Personalized Marketing and Real-Time Analytic Discovery FICO (NYSE: FICO) has been awarded four new patents related to fraud detection and advanced analytics. FICO now holds 170 US and foreign patents, and has 93 pending patent applications. Members of FICO’s fraud analytics team patented a network assurance analytic system that monitors telecommunications networks with real-time, streaming, self-calibrating analytic ... Read More »


FICO has acquired TONBELLER, an innovative provider of financial crime and compliance solutions based in Bensheim, Germany.  The transaction has closed.  Although terms have not been disclosed, the transaction is not expected to have a material impact on FICO’s 2015 financial results.  With this acquisition, FICO has moved firmly into the rapidly growing market for financial crime and compliance (FCC) ... Read More »

The Year of the Free FICO® Score

The FICO® Score Open Access program has reached a major milestone — its 1st anniversary. Since FICO launched the program in the fall of 2013, FICO® Score Open Access has expanded significantly, with over 60 million account holders gaining regular access to free FICO® Scores by January 2015.  Participating banks and lenders include Barclaycard, Citi, Discover, First Bankcard, Hyundai Motor ... Read More »

FICO in Partnership with CTOS Data Systems Sdn Bhd

FICO announced that the largest private credit reporting agency in Malaysia, CTOS Data Systems Sdn Bhd, will offer FICO® Scores to all its clients beginning early 2015. The CTOS-FICO Consumer Credit Score will be developed based on FICO’s proven scoring modelling technology. The scoring model for CTOS is created by analyzing the information found in CTOS’s comprehensive credit information database. ... Read More »

FICO Introduces New FICO Analytic Cloud Partner Network

FICO invites early adopter partners and developers to join the new program to create, market and sell their wares in the FICO Analytic Cloud and marketplace FICO introduces the FICO® Analytic Cloud Partner Network.  The new program will provide independent developers and data providers with everything they need to create, market and sell analytic development tools, decision management technology, analytics-powered ... Read More »

FICO Launches Payment Integrity Platform

Payment Integrity Platform to Slash Fraud, Waste and Abuse in Health Care Insurance.   Integrated analytics help identify 30 to 40 percent more payment irregularities than traditional rules-based systems. FICO introduced the FICO® Payment Integrity Platform, which addresses health care payment fraud, waste and abuse with out-of-the box adaptive predictive analytics. This platform helps healthcare payers improve multiple aspects of their ... Read More »

TransUnion Distributes FICO Score 9

Newest FICO Score now available from TransUnion to help lenders improve risk management, make best decisions throughout consumer credit lifecycleFICO announced the availability of FICO® Score 9 from TransUnion for lenders and other businesses. Due to refinements in risk analytics behind FICO Score 9, more consumers are expected to score in the higher score ranges that lenders generally require, enabling lenders to approve loans ... Read More »

Happy Birthday to the FICO® Score!

Congratulations to FICO from BIIA! The FICO® Score is 25 years old in 2014.  Introduced in 1989, it democratized access to credit by removing many of the barriers to fair lending.  For the first time, lenders could assess someone’s creditworthiness scientifically and objectively. Over the last 25 years, the FICO® Score has adapted to remaining the most predictive consumer credit ... Read More »

FICO Joins The CardLinX Association

Predictive analytic and decision management technologies key for card-linked offers industry FICO (NYSE:FICO) announced that it has joined The CardLinx Association (CardLinx) to collaborate more closely with other technology platform providers, merchants, digital publishers, payment networks and banks in promoting the growth of the card-linked offers industry. CardLinx develops industry standards that make deals and offers easier for consumers and merchants. A card-linked ... Read More »

FICO: Fraud can be a Brand Wrecker

FICO’s Anant Nambiar offered sound advice on the growing issue of fraud and its implications on a brand.  Nambiar states bluntly:  Fraud can be a brand wrecker.  Here are his comments: “Not only are financial institutions challenged by traditional payment card fraud, there is growing pressures from retail banking fraud, e-banking, first-party fraud including fraudulent applications for new accounts such ... Read More »

FICO Score 9 Now Available at Equifax

Newest FICO Score now available from Equifax to help lenders improve risk management, make best decisions throughout consumer credit lifecycle FICO announced the availability of FICO® Score 9 from Equifax for lenders and other businesses. This newest version of the FICO® Score introduces a more nuanced way to assess consumer collection information, bypassing paid collection agency accounts and offering a sophisticated treatment differentiating medical from ... Read More »

Fannie May and Freddie Mac to Evaluate Alternative Credit-Scoring Models

The government-sponsored mortgage giants, facing pressure to end their reliance on old credit-scoring models from Fair Isaac Corp., are working with their regulator to study newer alternatives. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac recently confirmed the commitments. That would be a great victory for VantageScore Solutions, a competitor to FICO that has struggled to gain a foothold in the mortgage-origination business. ... Read More »

FICO Announces Platform for Enterprise Fraud Management

FICO announced the availability of the FICO® Falcon® Platform for enterprise fraud management. The FICO Falcon Platform gives institutions and their customers real-time protection from fraud across multiple payment channels, products and services. The FICO Falcon Platform puts the company’s industry-leading FICO® Falcon® Fraud Manager technology at the heart of a modular, flexible approach to enterprise fraud protection. Smaller institutions can begin with a rules-based system for detecting transaction ... Read More »