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Egan-Jones Rating Agency Barred by the SEC for 18 Months

Independent credit-rating agency Egan-Jones is barred by the SEC for 18 months from issuing ratings (as an NRSRO) on governments and ABS.  The firm was charged with saying on its SEC registration statement it had been issuing ratings since 1995, when it had not. Its president Sean Egan criticized the major rating agencies for blatant misconduct leading up to and ... Read More »

Ratings Linkup between Dagong (China), Egan-Jones Ratings (USA) and RUS Rating JSC (Russia)

The Chinese Rating Agency Dagong announced that it was linking with United States and Russian partners to form an ‘independent’ rating group.  Dagong would set up a joint venture company, called Universal Credit Rating Group, with Egan-Jones Rating (EJR) and RusRating JSC.  According to the statement of Dagong the partners do not represent the interest of any particular country or ... Read More »

Bertelsmann Foundation Releases Blueprint for INCRA – An International Non-Profit Credit Rating Agency

The Bertelsmann Foundation released on April 18th 2012 at its Washington conference a blueprint for a new sovereign debt rating agency called INCRA. The mission of INCRA as an independent institution is to conduct sovereign-risk assessment, and to raise the quality of sovereign ratings.  The business model for INCRA is to be non-profit and based on investor pays for ratings ... Read More »

SEC Considers Case Against Egan-Jones Rating Agency

An outspoken critic of major credit rating agencies ends up in the dock!  It is lesson for rating agency start-ups who thought to make hay when major rating agencies found themselves in the dock following the sub-prime credit crisis.  The proverb, “Don’t throw bricks when you live in a glass house”, holds also true in this case. According to the ... Read More »