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The Dangers of Internet-of-Things in Healthcare

More Hospitals Adopt Wireless Medical Devices & Wireless Connectivity Medical technologies have been taking a giant leap in the past years, producing instruments that can monitor, store and transmit data on one’s blood pressure, heart rate, glucose level, reparation or oxygen levels in order to produce better medical diagnoses and surveillance. These instruments can be worn, implanted or ingested and ... Read More »

Got Good Cyber Insurance Cover? Beware of Holes in Your Policy

A brand new decision from a federal trial court in Utah is a sobering reminder that just because you have purchased “cyber” insurance does not mean that your insurance company will pay a cyber-related claim.  In Travelers Property Casualty Company of America et al. v. Federal Recovery Services et al., the insurance company sued its policyholder for a declaration of ... Read More »

Cyber Security Breaches on the Increase in the UK

PWC have been commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) to survey companies across the UK on cyber security incidents and emerging trends. This survey aimed to provide greater awareness amongst UK business of the risks, insights on how companies are mitigating those risks (or not) and key trends. The survey results can also provide companies with ... Read More »

Financial Services Firms Stare into the Abyss as Data Breaches Rocket

According to a Freedom of Information request by Egress Software Technologies, the UK Information Commissioner’s Office notched up 791 breaches in this sector between 2012 and 2014, including 585 in 2014 alone. The company has clarified that not all of these were security-related – the figure for data security issues was 158: Institutions reporting breaches in these years included Barclays, HSBC, ... Read More »

Cyber Security: Insurance Experts Say Adequate Cover Is Now Available.

Cyber insurance is becoming broader and more affordable, although it’s worth shopping around for the policy that best meets an organisation’s individual needs, according to a panel of industry experts speaking during a webinar organised by Advisen. There has never been a better time to buy cyber insurance, according to David Derigiotis, Head of Professional Liability at broker Burns & ... Read More »

Seeing Your Business through the Eyes of a Hacker

Cyberattacks are growing more sophisticated and more damaging, targeting what companies value the most: their customer data, their intellectual property, and their reputations. What these attacks, together with breaches to defense, law-enforcement, and military-contractor networks, reveal is that our cyber-security efforts over the last two decades have largely failed, and fixing this will require the attention not only of security ... Read More »

Countering Cyber Criminals with Biometrics

The growth in online banking and electronic payments has made it easier for criminals to target banks and their customers and is prompting the financial services sector to invest in new security measures:  The answer may be found in Biometrics. Banking fraud is a problem as old as banks themselves. Frauds against UK online banking customers netted £60 million in ... Read More »

Hiring a Hacker: What is Involved?

In recent years the perception of the role of hackers is completely changed, in the past these high-skilled professionals were viewed as dangerous threats that needed to be kept at arm’s length, meanwhile today they are highly sought from private companies and intelligence agencies. Hacking services today are required not only by private companies and not only for legal purposes, ... Read More »

Forget Hackers, The Biggest Internet Security Threat Is Closer to Home

High profile, embarrassing data hacks like the Sony email breach and the Target credit card scandal receive the bulk of the media attention, but there’s a bigger threat to Internet security that’s much closer to home.  The 2015 Data Breach Investigation Report conducted by Verizon shows that the biggest threat to your private information may actually be you! Phishing campaigns, ... Read More »

How to Survive Cyber Warfare?

Eight Simple Instructions to Avoid Common Mistakes allowing Hackers to Target Employees As the threats of hacking and cyber attacks continue, how can you navigate the Internet without exposing yourself to attack?  Shlomi Adar, an Israeli information security specialist, has released eight simple instructions to avoid the common mistakes that allow hackers to target employees working at organizations. Custom Permissions ... Read More »

Will Biometrics Take Over From Passwords?

Perhaps people are fed up with battling to remember dozens of passwords. Entering them several times a day on various devices disrupts users’ flow and wastes time. Employers and service providers have started to realise this and are offering alternatives in the form of sensors and biometrics. Fingerprint biometrics have been available on mobile phones for a while, but the ... Read More »

Intelligence Agencies in Technological Race with Terrorists and Criminals

Britain’s intelligence agencies are engaged in a “technology arms race” with terrorists, cybercriminals and other “malicious actors” bent on causing the country harm, the head of MI6 has warned. Alex Younger said the agencies were facing opponents “unconstrained by consideration of ethics and law” who were exploiting Internet technology to put lives at risk. In his first public comments since ... Read More »

Metadata May Kill Your Privacy

The UK government inquiry into whether it conducts mass surveillance and the legality of such an effort has recommended tighter controls on access to communications metadata. The inquiry finds that mass surveillance capabilities exist in the UK, but are used appropriately. The inquiry also rejects use of the term “metadata”, which it feels is not helpful because it is too ... Read More »

Cybercrime and the Value of Personal Data

Put simply, the underground economy is a collection of forums, chat rooms and custom-made websites that are all designed to facilitate, streamline and industrialize cybercrime.  It’s within these communities that cybercriminals gather to trade tools, services and victims’ credentials.  There are various ways to obtain credentials.  Some options are Phishing attacks, Trojan Horses and hacking into an online company database. ... Read More »

Are Cyber War & Cyber Terrorism Insurable?

The frequency of cyber war and terrorism is no longer the risk. The magnitude of the potential damages is the real threat.  Can one obtain  insurance? It’s conceivable that an enemy of the US government could hack a US energy, water, or fuel distribution system causing loss of life, severe physical damage to property, or insurmountable financial damage to a ... Read More »

Cyber Security:  Do You Qualify for Insurance?

Cyber Security Insurance Underwriters Demand their Clients Understand the Threat Landscape Insurance underwriters aren’t looking for companies impervious to risk. They want clients that understand the threat landscape and have demonstrated abilities to mitigate attacks. With security breaches on the rise, IT professionals spend a lot of time questioning what kinds of cyber risk their companies’ insurance policies will cover. However, as ... Read More »