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Creditreform Germany Reports 2013 Revenues Flat

Creditreform Germany reported domestic revenues of Euro 491 million for 2013 versus Euro 493 in 2012 (-.4%).  Worldwide revenues were Euro 547 million in 2013 versus Euro 551 million in 2012 (-.7%).  Unfortunately Creditreform no longer provides a revenue breakdown for its subsidiaries.   Without a breakdown of its services it is difficult to determine which services grew and which are ... Read More »

SME Ratings: Creditrefom Rating Enters into Co-operation with Feri EuroRating and Fischer Bussmann Konrad

Creditreform Ratings AG (a specialized SME credit rating company based in Germany) has entered into a co-operation with Feri EuroRating Services AG and Fischer Bussmann Konrad GmbH.  The purpose of the co-operation is to create customer-specific industry reports. Creditreform contributes 70,000 financial statements from its Financial Statements Database covering approximately 200,000 companies.  Feri EuroRating contributes industry benchmarks and Fischer Bussmann ... Read More »