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Creditreform Boniversum: BONIGO Awarded Trusted Store Seal

Creditreform’s Boniversum’s new service BONIGO, the credit service for individuals www.bonigo.de was awarded the EHI seal and the seal of approval “Trusted Shops”. BONIGO was launched in January 2014 and offers individuals the opportunity to obtain their own credit information online. In addition, BONIGO offers other credit services such as forwarding credit data to third parties, for example a landlord. ... Read More »

Creditreform Germany Reports 2013 Revenues Flat

Creditreform Germany reported domestic revenues of Euro 491 million for 2013 versus Euro 493 in 2012 (-.4%).  Worldwide revenues were Euro 547 million in 2013 versus Euro 551 million in 2012 (-.7%).  Unfortunately Creditreform no longer provides a revenue breakdown for its subsidiaries.   Without a breakdown of its services it is difficult to determine which services grew and which are ... Read More »

Creditreform-Boniversum Provides Consumers Unlimited Access to Credit Reports

The German consumer credit bureau Boniversum offers consumers unlimited access to their credit file.  The only requirement is to register at www.bonigo.de and paying a one-time registration fee of Euro 16.90.  Once registered a consumer (data subject) can view their credit report anytime and / or forward their credit report to a third party (a supplier, potential employer or rental property ... Read More »

Creditreform Germany 2011 Overall Annual Results Flat – Growth in Factoring Services

Creditreform Germany reported 2011 revenues of Euro 488 million slightly below the 2010 results of Euro 489 million.  Revenue distribution by services sectors were as follows:  Business information Euro 263 million versus 2010 revenues of Euro 260 million, up 1%.  Receivables management services were Euro 199 million versus Euro 197 million in the prior year, up 1%.  Revenues for other ... Read More »

Creditreform Boniversum GmbH – Knowledge Creates Fair Play

CEG Creditreform Consumer GmbH (Neuss, Germany) has changed its name to Creditreform Boniversum GmbH.   The reason for this name change is to present a transparent, consumer friendly image and to present itself as a fair partner in all matters concerning credit worthiness of consumers.  ‘Knowledge Creates Fair Play’ being the new ‘Leitmotif’ of Boniversum.   The new website www.boniversum.de includes product ... Read More »