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Coface Appoints Thomas Yong as Chief Commercial Officer, Asia Pacific

Thomas Yong will manage the commercial activities across the Asia Pacific, including new sales, renewal business, customer relationship management and Coface Global Solutions. Thomas, a Business Administration graduate from the National University of Singapore, enjoyed a long and successful career at renowned corporations. Prior to joining Coface, Thomas was Strategy & Operations (SE Asia & Oceania) Director at Samsung Electronic ... Read More »

China Risk Climate: Corporate Overdue Payments in China at High Levels

Slower growth and increase in non-performing loans expected in 2015  Coface, a leading trade credit insurance company, published asurvey on corporate credit risk management in China, which reveals that 8 out of 10 corporates experienced overdue payments in 2014.  Coface forecasts that GDP growth will slow down to 7% in 2015 (vs 7.4% in 2014). As corporates are still facing ... Read More »

Coface Hong Kong Offers Online SME Credit Insurance

Coface Launches an Innovative Offering For SMEs in Hong Kong: Easyliner, a Simple On-Line Solution to Protect Against Unpaid Invoices Coface is introducing an innovative solution targeted at SMEs, recognizing that a quarter of bankruptcies are linked to unpaid invoices.  SMEs are particularly vulnerable to the consequences of unpaid invoices, because they are the least protected.  SMEs are also the ... Read More »

Coface Appoints Hung Wong as Asia-Pacific Regional CEO

Coface announced the appointment of a new CEO for the Asia Pacific Region.  Hung Wong will be based in Hong-Kong and will be able to draw on extensive regional experience and a strong track record in sales, channel management and partner development to grow Coface’s business in the region. Hung Wong, 43, a science graduate from the National University of ... Read More »

Country Risk Climate UK: Coface Upgraded UK to A2

Affected in 2009 by a recession more intense than other European countries under the effect of a sharp drop in household consumption and investment, the British economy is currently distinguished by the strength of renewed growth (1.8% in 2013). Forecast at +2.7% in 2014 by Coface, it could be as dynamic as that of the United States and exceed Germany ... Read More »

Coface Identifies 10 Emerging Countries Hot on the Heels of the BRICS

After 10 years of frenetic growth, the BRICS are slowing down sharply: for 2014, Coface forecasts growth of on average 3.2 points lower than the average growth these countries registered over the previous decade. At the same time, other emerging countries are accelerating their development. Among them, a ‘top 10’ emerges with good production prospects and sufficient financing to support ... Read More »

China: Coface Reports Deteriorating Payment Experiences

According to the latest Coface survey on ‘Corporate Payment Trend And Sectorial Risk In China’ the overall payment experience in China has deteriorated in 2013 comparing to 2012.  Key messages from the China Payment Survey are: Average credit terms extended in China has become longer comparing to 2012.  Maximum credit terms has generally been lengthened in 2013 comparing to 2012.  ... Read More »

China Risk Climate: Corporate Overdue Payments at the Highest Level for the Past Three Years

According to a recent survey by COFACE, one of the leading global credit insurance companies, 8 out of 10 corporates in China experienced overdue payment in 2013.  Sectors of chemicals, industrial machinery and household electric & electronic appliances are at higher risk.  As credit facilities will remain tighten in 2014, deterioration in corporate payment could lead to significant ripple effect ... Read More »

Coface Licensed to Sell Credit Insurance in Colombia

Coface has obtained a license from the local regulatory bodies enabling it to sell its credit insurance solutions directly.  Colombian companies will now be able to take full advantage of Coface’s expertise in the fields of credit risk prevention and protection for all their domestic and export trade operations, as well as benefit from its extensive international network. The Colombian ... Read More »

Country Risk Climates: Coface Upgrades Risk Sectors

Positive changes in North America and Asia Risks stabilise in Europe as the textile industry invests in innovation Risks have been upgraded to ‘moderate’ in the retail and automobile industries in North America and the services industry in emerging Asia  In Asia and North America, dynamic private demand continues to improve sector risks. According to the synthetic risk indicator developed by ... Read More »

Emerging Asia: Coface Warns of Growing Risks Linked to Household Debt

The growth potential in Asia remains high, driven by the middle class Asian economies have weathered the double blow of the global crisis of 2008-2009 and that of the sovereign debt of the Eurozone, due notably to the dynamic consumption of their households.  For example, since 1995 per capita consumption has almost tripled in China and has more than doubled ... Read More »

Italian Risk Climate: Company Payment Practices Worsen

Coface has noted a marked worsening in the payment behavior of Italian companies. These companies have traditionally had a higher rate of non-payments than those in other European countries and since the start of the crisis this gap has widened. In 2007, the rate was 3 times greater than in France, it is now 7 times higher. Read More »

Coface Launches Coface Global Solutions (CGS)

Coface, one of the worldwide leaders in credit insurance solutions, is enhancing its organisation by creating Coface Global Solutions (CGS), to meet the specific needs of multinational clients. CGS provides international groups with a global view of their trade risks as well as local management of these risks thanks to unrivalled monitoring and analysis tools. Coface Global Solutions is a ... Read More »

Country Risk Climate Greater China Region: Coface Survey Reveals Higher Credit Risk

A survey of corporate credit risks management across the Greater China region, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, was conducted in the fourth quarter of 2012 by Coface, a leading global credit insurance group. This survey revealed that China and Hong Kong enterprises are exposed to higher credit risks as evidenced by sharply increased amount of overdue. Access to finance is ... Read More »

Asia-Pacific Risk Climate: Survey reveals corporate overdue payment in Asia Pacific region deteriorated in 2012

– Companies are less optimistic about recovery of global economy in 2013 – Coface:  A survey of corporate credit risks management in Asia Pacific region was conducted in the fourth quarter of 2012 by Coface, a leading global credit insurance group. The survey revealed that corporate payment experience in the region generally worsened. Companies in Australia, China and India suffered ... Read More »