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Baidu Kicks Off ‘Indoor GPS’ Rollout In China

Baidu has begun the rollout of indoor location services powered by indoor mapping provider IndoorAtlas to the 270 million monthly active users of its Baidu Maps service. IndoorAtlas had been in beta testing, with the company saying it can pinpoint a location inside a building within 6.5 feet. IndoorAtlas-developed software lets the compass contained in smartphones pinpoint a person’s indoor location ... Read More »

Baidu Plans Expansion in Latin America

According to media reports, leading Chinese-language Internet search provider, Baidu, has plans to further expand its business in Latin America following the launch of its search engine in Brazil last year. Baidu has reportedly identified Argentina, Chile or Mexico as possible locations to set up the company’s next Latin American operation. Baidu will also aim to position itself as a ... Read More »

Baidu’s Q1 2015 Revenue Jumps 34%

Baidu Q1 revenues were US$2.1 billion, a jump of 34% over the same period last year. Net income was US$395 million, down 3.4% over the first quarter of 2014. Diluted earnings per share in the period were RMB 6.76 (US$1.09) More than 98% of Baidu’s revenues were generated from its online marketing services. The number of active online marketing customers ... Read More »

Baidu Invests in Keru Cloud

Baidu has invested $11 million in restaurant management SaaS startup Keru Cloud. The startup aims to become an all-in-one solution for restaurants and other businesses that are going digital. It currently has about 3,000 restaurants as clients, and plans to increase that figure to 20,000 by the end of this year. Baidu told Tech in Asia that Keru Cloud “fits ... Read More »

Baidu Inc (BIDU) Unveils Multilingual Translation Robot

Baidu Inc. has started showing off its innovation capabilities. The company has unveiled the world’s first multilingual translation robot. Baidu’s robot can speak multiple languages, conduct interviews, and does translation work with utmost precision, reports China News Service. The Beijing-based company showcased it at the 10th annual meeting of China’s electronic and information technology industry. Named ‘Xiaodu,’ the robot helped the ... Read More »

Baidu Reorganizes into Three Major Business Groups

Mobile Service Business – Emerging Business Group – Search Business Group Robin Li, founder of Baidu.com, announced via an internal email that the company will integrate its existing business groups and business units into three major business groups. Baidu has confirmed the news and indicated that the three major business groups will be a mobile service business group, emerging business ... Read More »

Baidu’s 2014 Revenue UP 54% in 2014, announces business restructure

Baidu, the leading Chinese-language Internet search provider,  reports revenues of US$7.9 billion – representing overall growth of 54%. The company posted net income in 2014 of US$2.1 billion, an increase of 25% over the previous year. Diluted earnings per share in the period were RMB 37.32 (US$6.01). The majority of Baidu’s revenues were generated from its online marketing services. In ... Read More »

Baidu to Build its own Supercomputer to Beat Google at Image Search

Baidu, Inc. is upping the ante in its fight with Google for image-recognition supremacy with what it hails as a record-setting computer vision system capable of recognizing different variations of the same image better than any other current artificial intelligence.  The secret?  A dedicated supercomputer. Baidu’s homegrown neural network runs on a specially assembled cluster of 36 Linux servers each ... Read More »

Baidu Develops Smart Bike

Baidu Inc. (BIDU – Snapshot Report) has developed a prototype for a smart bike in collaboration with the design department at Tsinghua University. The smart bike is called DuBike. The non-motorized, sleek, mountain bike-style ride is capable of collecting fitness information about the rider in real time. The user can access this information on his smartphone via Bluetooth. DuBike can determine the heart ... Read More »

Baidu & Xiaomi Struck a US$300 million Deal in iQiqi Video Site

Xiaomi (now China’s biggest smartphone vendor and #3 worldwide) and Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU) are each investing $300M in Baidu’s iQiyi video site, according to China Business Daily Baidu, Youku, SOHU, and Tencent have been battling fiercely in a Chinese Web video market that features no dominant YouTube-like player for user-generated/short-form content, nor any dominant Netflix-like player for TV shows and movies. ... Read More »

Baidu Acquires Peixe Urbano in Brazil

Baidu Inc (BIDU.O) bought control of Brazilian online-discount company Peixe Urbano for an undisclosed sum, the latest step in a push to expand in Latin America’s largest economy that began more than two years ago. Under terms of the transaction Baidu will let Peixe Urbano’s management team, led by co-founder and chief executive officer Julio Vasconcellos, operate autonomously within Baidu’s corporate structure.  Both firms ... Read More »

China’s Wanda, Tencent and Baidu Team up for US$813m e-Commerce Deal

China’s privately-held Dalian Wanda Group is set to launch a 5bil yuan (RM2.56bil) e-commerce joint venture with domestic internet giants Tencent Holdings Ltd and Baidu Inc. The e-commerce venture, which will be 70% owned by Wanda and 15% held by Tencent and Baidu respectively, is set to be announced later this week, the people said. The venture will unite three of ... Read More »

Baidu’s Revenue Q2 2014 Jumps 59%

Chinese-language Internet search provider, Baidu, reported revenues of US$1.93 billion for the quarter ended 30th June 2014 – a jump of 59% year-on-year. Net income attributable to the company grew 34% from last year, amounting to US$572 million. Diluted earnings per share in the period were RMB 10.09 (US$1.63). Most of Baidu’s revenues were generated from its online marketing services, ... Read More »

Baidu Reports Strong Growth in Q1 2014

The Chinese-language Internet search provider, Baidu, announced its first quarter results for 2014.  Revenues were US$1.5 billion, a jump of 59% over the same period of last year. Net income attributable to the company was US$408 million, up 24% over the first quarter of 2013. Diluted earnings per share in the period were RMB 7.21 (US$1.16). Most of Baidu’s revenues ... Read More »

Baidu to launch third-party Settlement Service

China’s leading search engine Baidu Inc announced Thursday that it will launch a third-party settlement service for fund companies and investors after being granted a license for fund sales, payment and settlement.  It appears that Baidu will face fierce competition in the field:  A total of 13 companies, including Alibaba’s online payment arm Alipay and Tencent’s similar service  Tenpay, have ... Read More »