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Coop Norge Launches New e-commerce Solution from Apptus

Coop Norge selects Apptus’ solution for personalised shopping experiences, allowing customers to more quickly find relevant products. Apptus’ solution for behavioural and automated merchandising simplifies shopping experiences for Coop Norge customers in all channels. Apptus strengthens its position in the Nordic region’s fastest-growing e-commerce market.  “This is a breakthrough for Apptus on the business-critical Norwegian market,” says Michael Mokhberi, Apptus ... Read More »

Apptus Technologies Joins Demandware LINK

As part of its expansion strategy, the Swedish software provider Apptus Technologies announced that it has become a Demandware LINK Technology Partner, joining a best-of-breed community committed to accelerating the adoption of innovative commerce technologies that are complementary to the Demandware® Commerce platform.  Through the LINK Technology Partner Program, Apptus Technologies has developed a pre-built integration between Apptus eSales and ... Read More »

Apptus eSales Adlibris Captures Sales for Nobel Laureate

Real-time relevance: how Nobel laureate Patrick Modiano conquered Swedish literature charts within minutes of receiving the award. Following Patrick Modiano’s award of the 2014 Nobel Prize for Literature demand for his books has soared. Thanks to Apptus eSales, within minutes of the news breaking his achievement was being acknowledged in the charts of online bookstore Adlibris.  It took less than ... Read More »

Apptus Feels the Pulse of UK Online-Shoppers

BIIA member Apptus surveyed more than 500 UK consumers about their current experiences of online shopping and the experience they expect to receive.   Here are three statistics APptus found interesting: 88% have favourite websites that they use all the time because they have had a positive online shopping experience with them 57% will give up on a bad website and ... Read More »

E-Plus Group+ chooses Apptus eSales to give customers a more relevant e-commerce experience

The E-Plus Group, the third largest German mobile network provider with more than 24 million mobile phone subscribers has chosen Apptus eSales e-commerce solution to optimize their e-commerce.  With eSales intelligent search, navigation and recommendation technology E-Plus will create a more relevant experience for their customers. With Apptus eSales, E-Plus+ will guide its customers to the right products faster and ... Read More »

Apptus Participates at ACM Conference on Recommender Systems 2013

Apptus Technologies and Malmö university gave a joint talk at the recommender systems conference in Hong Kong 2013. The topic regards how we can use combinatorics to maximize the number of customers that buy something from your category lister pages. This is actually quite different from trying to sell as many products as possible, since customers usually buy multiple items. We ... Read More »

Apptus: Check-box Navigation

Check-box navigation is eSales’ somewhat sophisticated way to support what is known in the e-commerce sphere as faceted navigation. This feature is introduced in eSales 3.8 and complements the standard filter feature already present in eSales. Check-box navigation replaces the filter in terms of faceted navigation. Filters are still the appropriate way to make a priori restrictions of result sets ... Read More »