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Welcome to Retail Land: Amazon Results Upset Wall Street

According to Reuters Amazon.com Inc’s once fairy-tale ride on Wall Street has hit its most jarring bump yet. The company that for years enthralled investors with improbable growth and earned one of the technology sector’s highest valuations drew widespread ire after a spectacular results letdown on Thursday. Amazon missed expectations across the board – on margins, on its net loss ... Read More »

E-commerce Giant Amazon Takes on Main Street USA

Amazon goes for brick and mortar – takes on main street firms on their own turf! Amazon.com Inc. plans to open a store in the middle of New York City, according to people familiar with the plans, the first brick-and-mortar outlet in its 20-year history and an experiment to provide the type of face-to-face experience found at traditional retailers. The ... Read More »

Amazon Announces New Mobile Payments Service

Amazon has announced plans to launch their own mobile payments app that will compete directly with currently apps including Square and PayPal. The new service, dubbed the Amazon Local Register, will work similarly to other mobile payment apps, allowing users to accept payments via credit and debit cards using the smartphones and tablets. The web retail giant will use their current payments ... Read More »

Amazon Launches Online Payment System To Rival Paypal

The e-commerce company’s new feature will allow users to pay using their Amazon accounts Amazon debuted an online payment system recently in an effort to expand into money transfer services.  The new service will allow over 240 million active monthly users of Amazon to use their stored credit and debit card information to pay for outside subscriptions such as cellphone ... Read More »

E-commerce: Amazon Testing Its Own Parcel Delivery Network

Amazon is in the process of testing its own delivery network to help complete the last stage of delivery in a package’s trip from factory to buyer, the Wall Street Journal reports. The e-commerce giant is using Candlestick Park in SF, as well as facilities in Los Angeles and New York, as bases of operation for Amazon trucks and contracted ... Read More »

Alibaba to Expand Cloud Computing Overseas

The Alibaba Group announced it will extend its cloud-computing services to overseas markets beginning in March this year.  The company did not disclose the specific markets it plans to target. This development comes on the back of U.S.-based Amazon’s recent announcement of the launch of its cloud computing services in China.  Alibaba’s cloud-computing division, Aliyun, will set up data centres ... Read More »

China’s E-commerce Market Valued at US$45 bil in Q2

Recently published research claims that the transaction volume of China’s e-commerce industry reached US$44.5 billion in the second quarter of 2012 – a jump of 45% year-on-year. According to a report published by Analysys International claims that the consumer-focused arm of Alibaba Group, Taobao, holds a 76% market share of China’s e-commerce industry with transaction volume exceeding US$31.9 billion in ... Read More »

Forrester Research: Be Aware of an Approaching Tech War — Outcome is Going to Change Customers

As the Web becomes the AM radio of digital, the mobile App Internet will rise. This market will be dominated by two or three ecosystems — semi-closed worlds built on a closely fitting set of apps, phones, tablets, computers, operating systems, and partners. An ecosystem owner will possess extraordinary market power — able to dictate terms to content providers, customers, ... Read More »

Amazon.com and Google Start to Extend Credit to Business Clients – Implications for Credit Information

Amazon.com announced last week that it will offer loans to some of its online sellers, a move that could boost the growth of its Internet marketplace.  The activity is called Amazon Lending and sellers on the company’s marketplace have been sent emails offering loans from Amazon Capital Services Inc. at lower rates than credit cards. Google did not want to ... Read More »

US e-book Revenues Grew at 146% in March

Amazon stated that it sells more e-books for its electronic reading device Kindle than paperback and hardback print editions combined.  The news that the online retailer has sold more than three times as many Kindle books so far this year as in the same period of 2010 came as the Association of American Publishers reported that US e-book revenues had ... Read More »