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Platform Revenues Drive Information Company Valuation

Steve Goodall, Executive Vice President of Outsell gave a riveting overview of the current state of information services in the BIIA Forum 2011.  His message to BIIA members was: Help your customers make money, save money, or mitigate risk.  Develop platforms, not products. Invest in Web and customer analytics and perform at industry benchmarks or better. To reiterate the point ... Read More »

Five Ways to “Get Real” With B-to-B Social Media

Today, 89% of B-to-B marketers in the U.S. are using social media, says a study conducted by iTracks and the Business Marketing Association (BMA).    In fact, B-to-B use of social media may have even eclipsed that of consumer marketers, according to another report from White Horse Productions.  But the B-to-B marketers who Ruth P. Stevens talks to are still sound ... Read More »

Analytics, Platforms, Software, Workflow Tools and Consultative Services in High Demand

During the last quarter of 2011 BIIA tracked 57 deals.  44% involved Analytics, Platforms, Software, Workflow Tools and Consultative Services. During the first 50 days of 2012 there were already 57 deals announced which are relevant to our industry: 21% were acquisitions; 37% new product introductions; 21% partnerships; 7% international expansion and 2% new company launches.  11% of the deals ... Read More »

Marketing Managers Look for Actionable Information

According to a recent IBM study of 1,734 global chief marketing officers, the number one marketing challenge is to turn mass amounts of available data into information that allows companies to take action. Today’s customers can shop around the globe, find out more than ever before about the organizations they’re dealing with, and share their views with hundreds of thousands, ... Read More »

Outsell Inc. Preliminary 2011 Results: Market Size US$462bn – Growth 2.9%

Outsell Inc. has just released its 2011 preliminary market size and share report for the information industry.  Preliminary estimates show that the Information Industry grew 2.9% in 2011 to $462 billion, compared with 0.6% growth in 2010. The strongest growth was experienced in the Search, Aggregation & Syndication (SAS), Market & IT Research (MITR), and Company Information segments of the ... Read More »

PublicAffairsAsia on China: Most Companies are Under-Equipped to Deal with the Increasingly Complex Political, Regulatory and Stakeholder Landscape

PublicAffairsAsia and Edelman released “The New Realities: Public Affairs, Trade and China’s 12th Five Year Plan”, the latest White Paper in the Public Affairs Dialogue series. Following the 2011 Public Affairs Dialogue survey and roundtable, this impactful 16-page report examines the practical public affairs challenges arising out of the significantly increased focus on Sino-global trade and investment. Its key conclusion is ... Read More »

The Landmark Year of Incorporating Content into Workflow

Under the rather eye catching headline The Ape and the iPad David Worlock, BIIA’s Chairman,  stated that the key trends of 2011 will always be, for him, the landmark strides made towards incorporating content into the workflow of professionals , and the progress made in associating previously unthinkable data collections (not linked by metadata , structure and /or location) in ... Read More »

World Bank Issues General Principles for Credit Reporting

The World Bank, in collaboration with the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the IFC (International Finance Corporation), various central banks and members of the information industry represented by ACCIS (Europe), BIIA (Asia Pacific), CDIA (USA) and the Latin American Credit Reporting Association, has been working on developing universal standards for credit reporting.  Following a six months consultative period the World ... Read More »

China Based Data Theft – Business is Already at War

As few as 12 different Chinese hacker groups commit the bulk of Chinese based cyber-attacks stealing critical data from US companies and government agencies, according to an article in the Indian Financial Express (December 13, 2011).   The article expresses the opinions of analysts and experts who stated under the cloak of anonymity that the aggressive and stealthy attacks are escalating ... Read More »

New International Initiative for Open Government

In a speech at the United Nations General Assembly on September 20, 2011, US President Barack Obama announced a new global open government initiative led by the US and Brazil.  His statement on this subject was short and the message may have gone unnoticed by most people.  Eight countries have already signed the declaration and delivered country action plans (Brazil, ... Read More »

Outsell on Big-Data: Big Deal or Just Big Buzz?

Outsell Inc., a founder member of BIIA, has just released a report on ‘Big-Data’ authored by Frank Gilbane, President of Outsell’s Gilbane Services “Big-data” has a lot of buzz these days, and if the big-data buzz is based in reality, there will be a lot more data available to create and harvest new information products. The promise of big-data is ... Read More »

Observations from the BIIA Forum 2011: D&B’s Anthony Scriffignano’s Message to Users and Members

BIIA surveyed credit managers at the tail end of the global financial crisis concerning the performance of credit information during the crisis.  The response was that information companies played catch-up during the crisis pointing to a lack of real time data.  Furthermore financial statements were rendered useless because the liquidity crisis caused supply chains to collapse rather quickly.   BIIA asked ... Read More »


This interesting story made the rounds in the United Kingdom the other day, which could become a role model for other countries to follow.  Public sector information seems to a step child in many countries set up only to serve government rather than the public.  Access to information is generally not user friendly and value added information companies are treated ... Read More »