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FICO European Risk Survey Shows a Rocky Road Ahead

FICO’s latest survey of European credit risk managers with Efma indicates that credit demand and supply will be reduced in almost all markets. A startling 88% of respondents say that more small businesses will turn to alternative sources to fund capital, and the same percentage say that more consumers will turn to micro-lending for their borrowing needs.  This may not ... Read More »

Connotate on the Growth Path – Opens office in the UK

A Leading Provider of Data Monitoring and Collection Solutions Initiates Strategic Expansion Connotate, Inc. announced record growth in second quarter 2012 revenues, with bookings increasing by more than 40 percent compared to the first quarter 2012. This marks the second consecutive quarter of record growth for the company.  As a privately-held, venture-backed software firm, Connotate does not release specific revenue ... Read More »

Transparency in Corporate Reporting: A Long Way to Go

An Assessment of the World’s Largest Companies by Transparency International Transparency International analyzed publicly available information from company websites.  Building on the experience of two previous studies, Transparency in Corporate Reporting explored three dimensions of transparency: Public reporting on anti-corruption programs (ACP): covering bribery, facilitation payments, whistleblower protection and political contributions Organizational transparency (OT): including information about corporate holdings Country-by-country ... Read More »

B-to-B Technology Industry Prospecting Databases: A Comparative Analysis of Nine Data Suppliers

As part of ongoing research on B-to-B data sources available to marketers, this white paper evaluates the volume and accuracy of B-to-B data available to marketers of information technology (IT) products and services.  Nine database suppliers participated in this year’s study.  Like the results from the analysis of compiled and response data sources in years past, data coverage and accuracy ... Read More »

How to Triple the Effectiveness of Your Trade Show Marketing Program

Are you exhibiting at trade shows as part of your B-to-B marketing strategy?  You’re in good company.  About 18% to 25% of the typical B-to-B marketing budget goes to trade shows.  Direct marketing can play an important part in your success in trade show marketing.   Using direct marketing to promote your attendance at the show in advance can double, triple, ... Read More »

BIG Data: HG Data Tracks the Relationships Between Businesses Themselves – For BIIA Members –

Meet HG Data:  A company which says “We’re Data Scientists”. At HG Data’s lab in California, our data scientists are pioneering surprising new ways to procure, extract and apply data.  We love the astounded look on our customer’s face upon first seeing what we (and our databases) can deliver. We launched our first company, NOZA, in 2005.  That’s where we ... Read More »

BIIA at the Kuala Lumpur APEC Conference on Financial System Capacity Building and Financial Inclusion

BIIA was invited to attend the meeting of the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) on May 22nd 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and participated in discussions on Financial System Capacity Building: Financial Inclusion. Financial inclusion is a very important tool in creating employment and poverty reduction efforts.  In the last decade microfinance institutions showed tremendous success in outreaching and serving ... Read More »

The Case for Continuous and Systematic Monitoring of Business Relationships

As business relationships continue to expand globally and in complexity, monitoring and analyzing business partners and clients takes on added importance. Portfolios are increasingly diverse and comprised of partners from all corners of the globe, each of whom, can have a direct impact on credit default risk. The business environment is mandating cost reductions interestingly at a time when proactive ... Read More »

The Closed World of Company Data Does Not Bode Well for Transparency

OpenCorporates published recently a report examining of how open company data is in Open Government Partnership countries.   The findings of the report portray a rather poor picture.  In a nutshell the report stated that Open Government Partnership countries score badly for open access to company data.   This does not bode well for transparency. The report lists charts with company comparisons.  ... Read More »

Maximizing Lead Generation

BIIA’s newest contributing editor Ruth P. Stevens is providing our members with important insights about the topics of Hands-On, Up-to-the-Minute Guide to Generating Better-Qualified, Quicker-to-Close B2B Leads.  To access Ruth P. Stevens’ latest podcasts click on the links: Video introduction to Ruth P. Steven’s book: Maximizing Lead Generation http://www.informit.com/podcasts/episode.aspx?e=9b6bd311-98bb-4762-b55c-6d89ca094da5 Learn how to calculate the right number of leads for your lead ... Read More »

BIG Data, Workflow, Analytics: The Lost Chord and Killer Whales

BIIA Chairman David Worlock observes in his latest blog that as the information services market starts to get its thinking right about the influence of Big Data and the current obsession with workflow, one should begin to think that we will need to revise our whole approach to collaborative working in marketplaces.  At the moment we are playing all the ... Read More »

Experian Marketing Services releases 2012 Digital Marketer: Benchmark and Trend Report

Newest edition of expert-written annual guide provides marketers with a deeper understanding of how to reach and engage customers in today’s hyperconnected and complex digital world Experian Marketing Services announced the release of the 2012 Digital Marketer:  Benchmark and Trend Report. Now in its fourth year, this 128-page report has become the go-to resource for key industry benchmarks, insights and ... Read More »