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Five Essential Functions for Every B2B Website

“If you don’t have a website, you don’t have a business.”  By now, this maxim is well understood–and it is just as true for B2B businesses as for B2C ones, if not more so.  But what kind of functionality does your B2B website really need?  What website strategies should you pursue for business marketing?  Here are five must-haves for every B2B website.  The elements ... Read More »

Mandatory Disclosure and Social Media

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission indicated that companies can use social networks to disclose financial data.  BIIA welcomes the broader use of media for companies to disclose their quarterly and annual results.  It may lead to more voluntary disclosure by non-listed companies.  The US is way behind the EU and other nations which require non-listed companies, such as limited ... Read More »

Risk Management Resolutions for 2013: Compliance Risk Seem to Be Main Concerns

Strategic risk is more connected to compliance risk, which is complex and “Fair lending” requirements seem to impact most products offered by banks.  Reputational risks are increasingly linked to operational missteps and compliance violations, civil money penalties and fines. Thanks to social media, pervasive content sharing and strong opinions are the new norm.  Smartphones, real-time news feeds and geo-located review ... Read More »

Fight for IP rights to heat up in 2013

In 2013, we can expect Congress and the Obama Administration to maintain a primary focus on economic and fiscal issues. As that agenda proceeds, however, issues outside solving the longterm U.S. debt problem will also move forward. We can expect much discussion on how to craft policies that promote and provide growth opportunities for U.S. business, both here and abroad.  ABM member companies ... Read More »

B2B Marketing Myth-busting, Redux

By Ruth P. Stevens With a tip of the hat to Bob Bly, whose June article in Target Marketing magazine dispels 7 B2B marketing myths, I’d like to tackle some myth-busting of my own.  Myth No. 1:  Lead generation is the top job of B2B marketers.  There is overwhelming evidence that B2B marketers consider lead generation their most important contribution. ... Read More »


Take action today to prepare for tomorrow…… The global, EU and UK data protection landscape is at a crossroads. And organizations across all sectors are waking up to the fact that change is inevitable.  Regulations tend to transcend border therefore whatever happens in the European Union will have implications elsewhere. WILL THE PROPOSED EU DATA PROTECTION REGULATIONS BE ENACTED OR ... Read More »

Alibaba Valued at US$40bn

According to the latest media reports, Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group is now the most valuable private tech company in the world.  Alibaba is now worth an estimated US$40 billion based on the company’s recent buyback of half of the shares held by Yahoo. According to a ranking list compiled by Business Insider, Alibaba’s next closest competitors are financial news outlet Bloomberg (US$35 billion), micro-blogging ... Read More »

Information industry Association Consolidation: SIPA to Merge with SIIA

The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) and the Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA) announced that they are merging. SIPA was founded as the Newsletter Publishers Association but its members now publish in many media and formats. SIPA will become a division of SIIA and will continue to offer its membership programs, without change. SIIA will continue to offer all ... Read More »

ThomasNet News Launches Machining Journal, Providing the “Best of the Web” in Machining Content

ThomasNet News announces the launch of Machining Journal, with features by ThomasNet’s writers, along with the “best of the Web” in machining content. Available as a daily e-journal and a weekly e-newsletter, Machining Journal meets the informational needs of machine shop owners/general managers and machinists, as well as a wide range of manufacturers, material and tool suppliers, software providers, and ... Read More »