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Linking Data is the Biggest Challenge for Global Marketers

Annual global research identifies linkage, technology and organizational structure as the three key challenges in digital marketing Digital marketers are facing an on-going battle getting to grips with the huge amounts of data they have to work with. The biggest hurdles and key priorities for marketers this year are dependent on having accurate, enriched data, linked together in a central location ... Read More »

Three barriers to B2B data-driven marketing

Ask any business marketer about the importance of data, and you’ll get plenty of good answers. “It’s essential,” they’ll say. “Data drives everything we do.” That’s a good thing, since marketers are under increasing pressure to manage, collect, and make use of data, according to a recent CMO Club/Gartner study. But in my experience, answers like this are just lip service. ... Read More »

Equifax, Experian, TransUnion in Settlement of US$6 m with 31 State Attorneys

Equifax, Experian and TransUnion have agreed to improve their approach to fixing mistakes on credit reports and address consumer disputes more effectively under a $6 million settlement with 31 state attorneys. The credit bureaus pledged to more closely scrutinize companies that furnish them with data and to curb the marketing of credit monitoring products to consumers who dispute information on ... Read More »

SME Access to Finance: New RBS Allegations Highlight a Brutal Climate for SME Borrowers

While the G20, in tandem with other government or non-government institutions, are trying to prop up the SME sector by providing better access to finance, it is disturbing to note that some financial institutions have been rather heavy handed in dealing with SMEs.  It is no surprise that the SME sector is increasingly dependent on alternative finance such as factoring, ... Read More »

Troubleshooting Your B2B Marketing Data Problems

Business-to-business data continues to challenge marketers, who need to identify and communicate with customers and prospects, but who run into thorny issues every day.  Problems range from duplicates, to key-entry errors, to missing data elements, and beyond.  Recently, Bernice Grossman and I worked with a group of savvy B2B marketers at a DMA conference to compile a list of difficult data problems. Here are ... Read More »

What Grows? What Does Not? A Review of Q2 2014 Revenue Growth

Up, up, up and away:  Creditsafe and LifeLock continue to make the grade with double digit growth rates.  Credit rating and analytical services followed.  Credit Ratings: Following the financial crisis many critics had written off the rating agencies.  Regulators and competition would see to it that flesh was taken out of their hides.  Obviously the latest results from the credit rating ... Read More »

B2B Marketing is Falling Down on the Job – The List of Oft-forgotten B2B Marketing Imperatives

Ruth Stevens, BIIA’s Director, recently commented on failings in B2B Marketing: I heard a horror story the other day from a consumer packaged goods executive ranting about a meeting with a vendor.  “I gave the guy an appointment, and he spent the whole time presenting his product,” she said.  “[He] never asked me a thing about my situation, and what ... Read More »

Spain: Information Industry Market Size Estimated Euro 899 million

ASEDI, Multi-sectorial Information Association (Spain) has published a report in November 2013 on the size of the Spanish Information Industry. Market Size Euro 899,255,727 Employment 9,971 Combined Share Capital Euro 90,035,212 Total Companies Covered: 4,444 The report has been categorized into five groups: Directory services:  Companies dedicated to the creation of directories and mailing addresses, location and advertising for businesses ... Read More »

The State of Market Intelligence in 2013: Global MI Survey Findings

Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA) has published the results of its Global Market Intelligence Survey 2013 which is the sixth in a series of studies conducted by GIA since 2006 on how companies around the world conduct market intelligence, and how leading companies use market intelligence for better decision making. According to GIA it is the largest and arguably the most ... Read More »

Credit Management: The Climb Continues – Measuring the Ever-increasing Value of the Credit and Risk Management Skill Set

A new report published by Accenture in September found that risk management is figuring into more and more companies’ decision –making processes as they continue to adapt to the market.  The 2013 edition of Accenture’s Global Risk Management study found that 98% of firms surveyed give a higher priority to risk management now than they did two years ago, and ... Read More »

Alibaba Puts IPO Plans on Hold

China’s largest e-commerce company, Alibaba Group, has put its initial public offering (IPO) plans on hold to allow Hong Kong’s stock exchange and its regulators to rethink over its proposal of a dual-class share structure listing. The listing structure would allow its 28 partners to nominate a majority of board members to retain control over the nomination of a majority ... Read More »

Australian Risk Climate: Consumer Financial Stress Levels Continue to Ease

Consumer financial stress continues to ease this year as Australians maintain a focus on shoring-up their financial position in the aftermath of the global financial crisis and as unemployment creeps higher. With the unemployment rate edging up to 5.7 per cent in June, its highest level since September 2009, the consumer attitude towards increased savings which was established following the ... Read More »

Forget Microlending! India Needs Basic, Competent Credit Reporting

According to and article in Businessweek, K. C. Chakrabarty, deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of India, offered in recent speech an additional way to expand credit:  Better credit reporting.  No shepherds with phones, no happy mothers of four with new sewing machines.  Just credit reporting, plain old attention to detail, and administrative competence.  Chakrabarty indicated that it would help ... Read More »

Encompass White Paper: Overcoming the Hidden Costs of Information Management

BIIA member Encompass, Australia has recently published a White Paper on ‘Overcoming the Hidden Costs of Information Management’.   Many organizations in the financial services, accounting and legal industries rely on commercial information in order to make business critical decisions on a daily basis. Although commercial information is readily available from various sources, the real costs are often hidden.  These ... Read More »