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The Digital Shift: 10 Themes Shaping the Legal Agenda

The legal issues around data security, data protection and intellectual property are now top of the legal compliance agenda We are in the middle of the 2nd industrial revolution, comprising the ‘digital shift’ from an analogue to a fully networked society. It is transforming all aspects of economic and well as social activity.  Businesses at the heart of the digital ... Read More »

News from the EASDP Congress

BIIA Chairman David Worlock commented on some of the more salient happenings at the recent EASDP congress in his latest blog: Good Bye Native Websites! One of the more surprising and perhaps the more shocking news was the announcement that EASDP was to merge with EIDQ, Europe’s directory enquiries services.  Obviously the Yellow Pages industry is unraveling too fast to ... Read More »

News from the EASDP Congress: The Predictive Analytics Revolution

BIIA partnered with the European Association for Search and Data Publishing on the subject of Analytics and BIG data.  BIIA’s Deputy Managing Director, Phil Cotter discussed the topic of “The Predictive Analytics Revolution”. Predictive Analytics is as old as history itself  – the Ancient Egyptians observed the movement of the stars, recorded the data and applying mathematics used it to ... Read More »

EASDP Congress: Major Trends in Business Information

BIIA partnered with the European Association for Search and Data Publishing on the subject of Analytics and BIG data. Joachim C Bartels, Managing Director of BIIA moderated a think tank on Data & Analytics.  He lead the discussion on eight key major trends: The Analytics Revolution is Under Way Wall Street Rewards Companies with Analytics The BIG Data Idea is Taking ... Read More »

Building Your B2B Marketing Database

Your most important tool in B2B is, arguably, the marketing database.  Without a robust collection of contact information, firmographic and transactional data about customers and prospects, you are adrift when it comes to customer segmentation, analytics, and marketing communications of all sorts, whether for acquiring new customers or to expand the value of existing customers.  In fact, your database is ... Read More »

Transparency at Risk: Commercial Credit Reporting under Attack by Small Business Commission

Virgina, USA:  DEBATE OVER HB 2198 CONTINUES AT RECENT VIRGINIA SMALL BUSINESS COMMISSION MEETING The Virginia Small Business Commission continued its study of House Bill 2198 early September with the meeting of an ad hoc committee specifically formed to study the legislation, which would affect commercial credit reporting in the Commonwealth. NACM was in attendance, providing the committee with a ... Read More »

Transparency International Calls On G20 to Deliver On Anti-Corruption Commitments

Companies to publicly register the names of their real, beneficial owners Transparency International called on G20 countries to follow through on their anti-corruption commitments by boosting financial transparency across borders and creating an environment which enables civil society to combat corruption. To deliver on their commitment to tackle financial crime, G20 leaders should agree to make all companies publicly register ... Read More »

Wand Inc.: Bad Search is Costing Money

BIIA member Wand Inc. has recently published a White Paper: Value of Descriptive MetaData for Enterprise Search. There are two main types of information that most organizations need to manage: 1) structured data, which is usually in databases and often quantitative in nature; and, 2) unstructured data, or text.  Structured data is handled fairly well with business intelligence tools and ... Read More »