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EU Late Payment Directive: Germany Inches Closer to Implementation

Reports out of Germany indicate the government may be inching closer to in-country implementation of the European Union’s Directive 2011/7/EU, the Late Payment Directive.  Germany was one of the final holdouts among the 28-member bloc and an important one, given its stature in the Union.  Still, many are skeptical that, even with the Germans on board, the Directive will be all ... Read More »

Meet our Associate Member Forrester Research

Forrester Research (Nasdaq: FORR) is a global research and advisory firm serving professionals in 13 key roles across three distinct client segments. Our clients face progressively complex business and technology decisions every day. To help them understand, strategize, and act upon opportunities brought by change, Forrester provides proprietary research, consumer and business data, custom consulting, events and online communities, and ... Read More »

Marketing Automation Is Not Marketing Strategy

Too often, these days, I am hearing B2B marketers mouth claims like “We got this new [fill in the brand] automation tool, so now we can reduce headcount.”  Or, “Once this automation system is installed, it will take our marketing to the next level.”  This worries me.  Marketers sometimes see automation as a silver bullet.  But it’s only a tool.  ... Read More »

Spain: Information Industry Market Size Estimated Euro 899 million

ASEDI, Multi-sectorial Information Association (Spain) has published a report in November 2013 on the size of the Spanish Information Industry. Market Size Euro 899,255,727 Employment 9,971 Combined Share Capital Euro 90,035,212 Total Companies Covered: 4,444 The report has been categorized into five groups: Directory services:  Companies dedicated to the creation of directories and mailing addresses, location and advertising for businesses ... Read More »

BIIA Re-appoints Directors at Annual General Meeting

At its Annual General Meeting on December 20th, 2013 the BIIA Full Membership: Adopted the audited financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2012 Elected the following directors who were up for re-election: Joachim C. BARTELS as Director David WORLOCK as Director Lawrence TSONG as Director Lawrence YEE as Director John Arthur ROBERTS as Director Enrico LODI as Director ... Read More »

EU Commission Workshop: Improving Credit Assessment and Information for SMEs in Europe to Facilitate Access to Finance for SME

The EU Commission had invited a diverse group of experts ranging from credit rating, credit information, banking, alternate finance, and capital market participants to discuss whether regulating credit scoring would facilitate access to finance for SMEs i.e. as a tool to advance lending. The workshop was well attended indicating intense interest in this topic.  There were eight BIIA members at ... Read More »