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New Schufa APP Help Consumers in Search for Living Accommodations

The Schufa (Germany) APP provides information about the environment surrounding a future residence (house, apartment, etc.) without having to visit a particular area. The APP provides information about the social and demographic structure of a selected area.  The information can be filtered and weighted according to specific individual preferences.  It also provides information concerning transport infrastructure, access to medical facilities, ... Read More »

Digital Data: The New Currency in the Digital Age

Personal data has been transformed into a valuable new currency in the digital age, with revelations over government surveillance and how companies are able to commercially exploit our data at the forefront of the debate.  But how much information is potentially available on the average smartphone user?  As an experiment, Daniel Thomas of the Financial Times decided to access his own ... Read More »

FICO Analytics Predictions for 2014

Andrew Jennings stated in his latest Bankinganalyticsblog.fico.com that 2013 has been quite a year in banking analytics – regulatory challenges, growth opportunities, new fraud threats, and the surge of mobile as the hot channel for customer engagement. He expects 2014 to bring even more change.  Here are his top five predictions for banking analytics in 2014. Big Data winners and ... Read More »

BIIA Website Traffic Soars

Appearances of BIIA Directors at recent industry events are probably one of the causes for renewed interest in BIIA as the unique visitor count peaked at 44,753 with 81.2% being new visitors.  These visitors pulled over 189,905 pages from www.biia.com Another reason is the fact that BIIA has become one of the largest networks and information sources for business information ... Read More »

BIIA in Action: Joint Conference with the Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

BIIA Chairman David Worlock and BIIA Deputy Managing Director Phil Cotter were part of BIIA’s joint conference with the Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.   Back from Hong Kong David Worlock provides this inspiring summary of this event: “Looking out of a Hong Kong Club window earlier this week around 8 pm I observed the ... Read More »

Global Accounting Set for Overhaul by Tech Trends

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) has identified 10 technology trends that is says will change the face of company reporting, and require accountants to learn new skills and competencies to keep up. The global body for professional accountants’ report “Digital Darwinism: thriving in the face of technology change” says these trends will significantly impact the global accounting profession ... Read More »

News from the EASDP Congress: The Predictive Analytics Revolution

BIIA partnered with the European Association for Search and Data Publishing on the subject of Analytics and BIG data.  BIIA’s Deputy Managing Director, Phil Cotter discussed the topic of “The Predictive Analytics Revolution”. Predictive Analytics is as old as history itself  – the Ancient Egyptians observed the movement of the stars, recorded the data and applying mathematics used it to ... Read More »

EASDP Congress: Major Trends in Business Information

BIIA partnered with the European Association for Search and Data Publishing on the subject of Analytics and BIG data. Joachim C Bartels, Managing Director of BIIA moderated a think tank on Data & Analytics.  He lead the discussion on eight key major trends: The Analytics Revolution is Under Way Wall Street Rewards Companies with Analytics The BIG Data Idea is Taking ... Read More »

Kreditech: Facebook Friendships May also Determine Creditworthiness

Kreditech, a German payday lender and credit scoring developer, is using data from social media in its assessment of the creditworthiness of borrowers.  According to Kreditech, if a Facebook-friend has repaid a loan too late, this may affect negatively the assessment of a credit applicant who interacts with the defaulting party.  The plausibility of a negative result increases with the ... Read More »

Data Scientist: “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century.”

FICO Infographic Answers the Question, “What Makes a Good Data Scientist?” FICO (NYSE:FICO) released an infographic showing the characteristics of a good data scientist — what a Harvard Business Review article called the “sexiest job of the 21st century.” The Anatomy of a Data Scientist can be viewed and downloaded at www.fico.com/anatom The rise of Big Data has fueled demand for ... Read More »

Analytics, Platforms and BIG Data Continue to Lead in New Services Announcements

BIIA is tracking announcements of important industry developments covering the mainstream services in business information.   During the first half of 2013 BIIA tracked a sample of 127 announcements:  Analytics, Platforms, (includes Workflow Tools) and Big Data continue to hold the lead over other segments (unchanged from prior year period).   It is noteworthy that announcements concerning platforms were higher (23% versus ... Read More »