Gartner Predicts Three Big Trends for Business Intelligence

Being an Introvert versus an Extravert:  Big data has given businesses a window into valuable streams of information from customer purchasing habits to inventory status.  However, internal data streams give only a limited picture, especially with the growth of digital business. Gartner has identified three trends which describe information’s ability to transform business processes over the next few years.  Gartner’s ... Read More »

Dun & Bradstreet and 1010data in Strategic Partnership

Dun & Bradstreet and 1010data announced a strategic partnership that aims to provide a solution to hedge funds and asset managers seeking insights and analytics that go beyond traditional analysis of financial statements and key financial ratios. Through the strategic partnership, Dun & Bradstreet’s content, including key business performance data, will be made available through the 1010data platform, providing an enhanced solution to ... Read More »

FINTECH at its Best: Goldman Sachs Enters the Fray

Goldman Sachs is entering online lending!  BIIA editorial comment. Six months ago Goldman Sachs was a lead underwriter on the initial public offering of Lending Club, the biggest and brashest of a new breed of online lenders.  There it got an inside view of how financial disrupters work.  Now this financial powerhouse is looking to disrupt the disrupters, launching its ... Read More »

Where Do Big Data and the Internet of Things Intersect?

You are likely benefiting from the Internet of Things (IoT) today, whether or not you’re familiar with the term. If your phone automatically connects to your car radio, or if you have a smart watch counting your steps, congratulations! You have adopted one small piece of a very large IoT pie, even if you haven’t adopted the name yet. The ... Read More »

Is Big Data the Best Preparation Against Natural Disasters?

Big Data and Open data and analytics have become fundamental tools in disaster preparedness, experts say. But public officials aren’t using them enough. Lucy Jones, a seismologist at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), is collaborating with Los Angeles city officials to draft a seismic-resilience plan. She said the city is a prime example of what happens when there’s an abundance ... Read More »

Spotcap: New Provider of SME Finance Launched in Spain

Fintech startup Spotcap brings power back to small business owners making use of big data in Spain Spotcap is the new innovative online credit platform providing fast and flexible financing to small businesses. The company’s mission is to enable business owners to invest and grow without having to worry about how to finance their projects.  According to the company press ... Read More »

Powerful Analytics for Everyone: IBM Introduces Watson Analytics

Making its biggest announcement in a decade as leader in analytics, IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced Watson Analytics, a breakthrough natural language-based cognitive service that can provide instant access to powerful predictive and visual analytic tools for businesses.  According to analysts, only a small fraction of business people use powerful analytics tools as part of their decision making today. Watson Analytics is ... Read More »

BIG DATA World Show Australia 2014

      Riding on the success of Big Data World Show 2013 in Malaysia recently with more than 200 attendees, we are now organizing a 2014 world-tour. Key Topics to be discussed Big Data in Australia: What Next? Transforming Your Company into a Data Driven Enterprise Harnessing Unstructured Data for Evidence Based Decision Making Measuring the ROI and Total ... Read More »

Big Data and Privacy: Best Foot Forward – Challenges & Opportunities

Mike Bradford, Founder & Director Regulatory Strategies Ltd, shares his thoughts on how to strategize your business in the age of Big Data. In the privacy sphere, how to protect the ‘data’ in ‘Big Data’ has been hanging over privacy professionals’ minds since the concept of Big Data first came into the equation. While industry experts and observers continue to ... Read More »

BIG Data Enters Indian Elections

“The era of big data in Indian politics has arrived,” said J Ramachandra, CEO of Gramener, a data analytics startup that is working with media companies to digest the huge chunks of election information to provide voters with user-friendly maps of the state of play. At the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) election backroom in New Delhi, a team of ... Read More »

BIG Data: Every 10th German Corporation Utilizes the BIG Data Concept

According to a survey of CeBIT less than ten percent of German corporations are utilizing the BIG Data concept.  However, thirty-one percent of companies are planning to do so in the foreseeable future.  The survey was conducted by BITCOM and was presented by its president Dieter Kempf at the opening of of CeBIT, the German Computerfair in Hannover. Kempf stated ... Read More »