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Mark Your Calendar: 9th Global Consumer Credit Reporting Conference

The 9th Global Credit Reporting Conference to Be Held At Grand Hyatt Dubai The organizing committee for the 9th World Consumer Credit Reporting Conference has chosen the Grand Hyatt Dubai to host the event October 19-21, 2014. Centrally located close to all the major attractions in Dubai, the spectacular Grand Hyatt is a five-star property surrounded by 37 acres of ... Read More »

UFI Open Seminar in Asia 2014

UFI Open Seminar in Asia 2014 Bangalore International Exhibition Centre Bangalore, India 6-7 March 2014 Exhibitions: A Puzzle with Changing Pieces The exhibition industry is moving through a period of considerable change. Although the key exhibition stakeholders – organisers, venues, contractors, exhibitors and visitors – remain the same; the pieces of the puzzle that come together to form any successful ... Read More »

US Country Risk Climate: Solid Recovery in the January Credit Managers’ Index

January’s reading for the Credit Managers’ Index (CMI) from the National Association of Credit Management (NACM) rebounded to 57.3, the highest point reached in over a year and even more robust than the 57.1 notched in November. This now begs the question, which of the last three months is signaling the real trend? The November CMI hit a two-year high followed by ... Read More »

Commercial Credit Reporting: Amended Virginia Credit Reporting Bill Introduced for 2014 Legislative Session

An amended version of the Virginia commercial credit reporting bill was introduced in the Virginia General Assembly last week. The previous bill, HB 2198, has since been abandoned after the Virginia Small Business Commission made no recommendation on the bill last December. On January 3, however, Delegate Christopher Head (R), a former co-patron of HB 2198, introduced HB 370 for consideration ... Read More »

Meet RATINGPLATFORM – An Initiative Supported by EACRA

RATINGPLATFORM has been created to provide a unique global platform for ratings and assessments from high-reputable qualified sources. It is an initiative supported by the European Association of Credit Rating Agencies (“EACRA”) and has therefore European roots. Given the international environment for CRAs, where new legislation is being implemented in several countries and regions, RATINGPLATFORM’s target is to provide guidance ... Read More »

USA Trade Credit Climate: December CMI Falls Dramatically

Market-watchers looking for holiday cheer will be hard pressed to find any in the December Credit Managers’ Index (CMI), which was released on December 30th 2013 by the National Association of Credit Management (NACM). The Combined Index fell dramatically, erasing most of the gains made in the last few months and taking the CMI back to levels not seen since the ... Read More »

EU Commission Workshop: Improving Credit Assessment and Information for SMEs in Europe to Facilitate Access to Finance for SME

The EU Commission had invited a diverse group of experts ranging from credit rating, credit information, banking, alternate finance, and capital market participants to discuss whether regulating credit scoring would facilitate access to finance for SMEs i.e. as a tool to advance lending. The workshop was well attended indicating intense interest in this topic.  There were eight BIIA members at ... Read More »

FCIB European Roundtable on “Know Your Customer”

Zurich Switzerland – February 13, 2014 Does your company have a sound Compliance and Ethics Policy in relation to Credit Risk Management?   Do you “Know your Customer” from a compliance standpoint?  You may already do this from a credit risk perspective, but what about your compliance obligations? Is the company policy sufficient for current regulations within your own country in ... Read More »

Transparency: Virginia Commission Makes No Recommendation on Credit Reporting Bill

The Virginia Small Business Commission made no recommendation on Virginia House Bill 2198 this week, leaving the commercial credit reporting bill effectively dead for the remainder of the year. The credit information industry and the National Association of Credit Management (NACM) are opposed to HB 2198 since its introduction in January, and will continue to oppose it as the debate ... Read More »

BIIA in Action: Joint Conference with the Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

BIIA Chairman David Worlock and BIIA Deputy Managing Director Phil Cotter were part of BIIA’s joint conference with the Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.   Back from Hong Kong David Worlock provides this inspiring summary of this event: “Looking out of a Hong Kong Club window earlier this week around 8 pm I observed the ... Read More »

USA Risk Climate: November CMI Builds on Recent Optimism

The latest Credit Managers’ Index (CMI), published by the National Association of Credit Management (NACM), built upon the optimism from October’s CMI, when respondents shook off the government crisis in Washington to deliver the index’s best figures in over a year and a half.  November’s readings, available now on NACM‘s website, pushed to a high not seen yet this decade and ... Read More »

Credit Management: Pressure to Book Revenues Takes Its Toll on Credit Investigations

A survey of the National Association for Credit Management (NACM) indicates that a majority of companies give their credit departments enough time to feel comfortable with a customer’s creditworthiness before making a sale, nevertheless a sizable minority of them are still rushing blindly into potentially risky transactions.  This comes only a few years after the recession taught the world a ... Read More »

USA Country Risk Climate: Health Care Industry

Concerns over the cost to businesses of offering insurance to every American haven’t gone away, nor has the debate become any less peppered with vitriol.  That is especially the case among lawmakers, and it isn’t likely to change soon, said NACM Economist Chris Kuehl, PhD. That notwithstanding, the fact that a myriad of problems were unearthed at the time when ... Read More »

Country Risk Climates: Can Eastern Europe ever Catch Up?

The latest assessment of the economies of Eastern Europe from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is not very encouraging.  The report flatly states that nations in Eastern Europe, on the whole, will remain far behind their western counterparts for a very long time unless there is a strong re-commitment to the reforms undertaken in the years right ... Read More »

The Value of Data: Consequences for Insight, Innovation and Efficiency in the U.S. Economy

“The Value of Data: Consequences for Insight, Innovation and Efficiency in the U.S. Economy” is a first-of-its-kind study that quantifies the value of the Data-Driven Marketing Economy (DDME), both in terms of revenues generated for the U.S. economy and jobs fueled across the nation. Given that every industry in America relies on data-driven marketing, the results of this first-ever effort to systematically and objectively ... Read More »