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USA Credit Climate: NACM’s Credit Managers’ Index (CMI Reflects a Grim Reality of Deteriorating Economic Conditions

The Credit Managers’ Index (CMI) for July – available now at www.nacm.org  and Thursday in eNews – will reflect the grim reality of the economy of summer 2012.  It became obvious some months ago that another spring swoon was underway and, like the last few years, the summer was an extension of the deterioration, according to various CMI statistics.  “The ... Read More »

US Credit Reports Are 99% Accurate – Why Would CFPB Want to Rewrite the Rules?

Investor’s Business Daily lambasted claims made by Richard Cordray, the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), at a Detroit credit reporting hearing.  Cordray claimed that ‘inaccurate’ credit reports and scores may be ‘unfairly blocking’ some people from obtaining credit.  A community organizer at the hearing claimed as much as 40% of reports may be inaccurate.  Cordray stated that ... Read More »

Credit Professionals Split on Sharing A/R Data

According to the NACM (National Association of Credit Management) monthly survey for June, 51% answered “yes” when asked, “Do you share your full accounts receivable information or tradelines with any credit reporting company?” A still sizable 46% answered “no,” and the remaining 3% weren’t sure. IT concerns were a popular reason for why companies wouldn’t share their A/R information. “We ... Read More »

A New Pathway to Financial Inclusion: Alternative Data, Credit Building, and Responsible Lending in the Wake of the Great Recess

This PERC study compares results with data from2005/2006 and 2009/2010 credit reports to assess the consumer credit impact of including fully reported alternative data in credit reports. The data was selected to capture the period during which unemployment and late payments spiked. Authors:  Michael A. Turner, Ph.D., Robin Varghese, Ph.D., Patrick Walker, M.A., Sukanya Chaudhuri, PhD. To download the report click ... Read More »

Alternative Data Repairs Bad Credit, Increases Credit Access

At a briefing on Capitol Hill, the Policy and Economic Research Council (PERC) released a report on the consumer credit impacts of including fully reported (timely and late payment data) non-financial payment data (so-called “alternative data”) in consumer credit reports. The study, A New Pathway to Financial Inclusion, suggests that despite economic changes, alternative data provides enormous lift to lenders ... Read More »

FEBIS Elects Gertjan Kaart, Managing Director of Graydon Netherlands as President

In conjunction with the election of Gertjan Kaart FEBIS announced a new board composition: President:  Gertjan Kaart, Graydon Vice Presidents: Dr. Dieter Suedhofen, Creditrefor and Luis Carmona Gisbert, Informa Treasurer:  Sven Buckenberger, Hanse Debitoren Management Board Members:  Angelo Padovani, Experian, Roland Führer, KSV, Roland Sigbladh, UC AB and Deputy Board Member:  Dr Selim Seval, Finar The FEBIS Board thanks retiring ... Read More »

News from the Global Address Data Association

Rome, June 8, 2012.  The Global Address Data Association (GADA) of New York and Xplor Italy  (The Electronic Document Systems Association) announce the successful launch today of the International Hybrid Mail Coalition following a meeting in Rome of the founding members. To read the full story click on the link:  GADA PresRelJune12 Read More »

National Trade Credit Report Website Now Live

NACM-National and NACM affiliates from around the nation proudly unveiled a website for the NACM National Trade Credit Report (NTCR). The site ( http://www.tradecreditreport.com ) is designed to educate potential users on the NACM National Trade Credit Report by providing information on various aspects of what is included in the reports, viewable samples, downloadable brochures and links to help find ... Read More »

Happy Birthday PERC!

BIIA congratulates PERC and its President Dr. Michael Turner for their 10th Anniversary. The Policy and Economic Research Council (PERC) is a non-partisan, non-profit policy institute devoted to research, public education, and outreach on public and economic policy matters. PERC works with both the public and private sector, harnessing the power of market forces and harmonizing them with a clear ... Read More »

United Kingdom Business Information Providers Association (BIPA) Launches Website

Under the banner of facilitating business decisions by protecting access to publicly available data, the newly formed United Kingdom Business Information Providers Association has announced the launch of its website www.bipa.uk.com The website will serve to promote the work of the Association, which was formed in March 2011, to facilitate economic growth through the promotion and protection of statutory publicly ... Read More »

Smaller Businesses, Credit Services Staying Ahead of Fraud?

As the recession took hold a few years back, fraud attempts surged. And some studies, like one released last week by Prolexic Security Engineering & Response Team, found that attempts still are continuing at alarming rates. The Prolexic study noted a massive jump in attempted attacks against its financial services clients during Q4 2011 and Q1 2012. However, that doesn’t ... Read More »

Credit Insurance: ICISA OUTLOOK 2012

Members are Concerned about Deteriorating Trade Environment in Europe, U.S.A and in Latin America:  Surge in Demand for Credit Insurance in Asia and in Latin America Members of ICISA (International Credit Insurance and Surety Association) express concern about a possible further deterioration of the business environment brought on by sovereign debt, in particular in the European Union, the USA and Japan, ... Read More »