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Challenges of the new Korean Address System

Korea announced the “Launch” of its new Address System nearly one year ago, and the public has had a bit of a challenge getting used to it.  Smaller businesses who deliver to home residences, such as food stalls, have had to remember their customers’ ‘old’ addresses and learn the ‘new’ ones.  This has made business a challenge. The conversion has ... Read More »

UPU Adopts Ambitious Work Plan to Adapt to Growth in E-commerce.

In reaction to the phenomenal increase in parcel and small packet traffic in the international system, and the corresponding decrease in letter mail, the UPU’s Postal Operations Council last week adopted a multi-faceted E-commerce program.  This is known by the acronym “ECOMPRO” and calls for an aggressive set of activities.  Five categories of action have been identified: market development, postal electronic services, logistics, ... Read More »

Postal Delivery: Shape of Things to Come – Parcel Delivery by Drone

PostalVision 2020/4.0 continues its thought leadership on April 10 – 11 at the Westin Hotel in Washington DC City Center. The two day conference will focus on Delivery Solutions and Digital Directions that will shape an industry for years to come. On the agenda a rather futuristic view of postal delivery by Drone.  “Pathways to a New Postal Paradigm” will include ... Read More »

News from the Global Address Data Association

Rome, June 8, 2012.  The Global Address Data Association (GADA) of New York and Xplor Italy  (The Electronic Document Systems Association) announce the successful launch today of the International Hybrid Mail Coalition following a meeting in Rome of the founding members. To read the full story click on the link:  GADA PresRelJune12 Read More »

Envelope Manufacturers Association Discusses Global Address System

In late October 2011 the Envelope Manufacturers Association held a truly unprecedented and seminal event. Three inventors of geocode systems presented their systems for the audience to compare and contrast: Richard Abas of Geotude, Malaysia; Dr. Xinhang Shen of NACGeo, Toronto , Canada, and Alex Pigot of GoCode, Ireland. These are distinctive systems with individual strengths and shortcomings. The complexity ... Read More »

Malaysia Adopts Personal Data Protection Act

Malaysia has adopted the Personal Data Protection Act 2010, which regulates the processing of personal data concerning individuals. While this sounds like the European Data Protection Directive, the Malaysian data protection act only applies to personal data which is involved in commercial transactions. The act will not come into force until the responsible Minister inserts a notification in the official ... Read More »


As indicated in previous BIIA Newsletter issues there appears to be serious interest in dealing with the standardization of addresses around the globe.  BIIA affiliate ‘The Prescott Report” has recently initiated the formation of a global address association.  The mission of the global address association is to meet significant needs to globalize the “address industry” and improve the state of ... Read More »


Based on the maxim ‘everything starts with an address’, Charles Prescott, publisher of The Prescott Report initiated the formation of the Global Address Data Association.  He assembled a steering committee and developed a mission statement and a set of first priorities.   The current steering committee consists of Sheila Donovan, Global DM Solutions (US); Emma Gooderham, Allies Computing (UK); Merry Law, ... Read More »