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National Trade Credit Report Website Now Live

NACM-National and NACM affiliates from around the nation proudly unveiled a website for the NACM National Trade Credit Report (NTCR). The site ( http://www.tradecreditreport.com ) is designed to educate potential users on the NACM National Trade Credit Report by providing information on various aspects of what is included in the reports, viewable samples, downloadable brochures and links to help find ... Read More »

Smaller Businesses, Credit Services Staying Ahead of Fraud?

As the recession took hold a few years back, fraud attempts surged. And some studies, like one released last week by Prolexic Security Engineering & Response Team, found that attempts still are continuing at alarming rates. The Prolexic study noted a massive jump in attempted attacks against its financial services clients during Q4 2011 and Q1 2012. However, that doesn’t ... Read More »

SME Access to Finance in the USA: Small Business Lending Fund Successful but Future Uncertain

The U.S. Treasury reported this week that the Small Business Lending Fund (SBLF) seems to have done its job. Institutions involved with the program significantly increased their lending to small businesses by $3.5 billion over a $35.9 billion baseline, which describes the average lending reported in the four quarters before the program began. Enacted in 2010 as part of the ... Read More »

Economy, Politics, Poor Credit Climate are Credit Professionals’ Top 2012 Concerns

Credit professionals still consider the economy to be their biggest concern for the coming year, according to an annual survey conducted by NACM. For the third straight year, when asked “Looking forward to 2012, as a credit professional, what are your biggest concerns?” the largest percentage (26.7%) of the nearly 1,000 participants chose “lingering uncertainties about the still-sluggish economic recovery.” ... Read More »

Ten Years on, China Still Dragging Its Feet on WTO Compliance

China celebrated the tenth anniversary of its accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) recently, however a report from the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) finds that even after a decade, the booming Asian giant is still falling short on its compliance goals. While China has taken many impressive steps to implement trade reforms since 2001, the USTR described the overall ... Read More »

How to Assess and Manage Credit in China

As part of its “Doing Business In” series the recent credit management conference of FCIB (Vienna October 2011) featured a presentation by Dr. Stanki Yuen of the Hong Kong based International Risk Management Consultancy.    The presentation examined the cultural and legal aspects of extending and managing credit in China, how to get access to company financials and how to collect ... Read More »

US Bankruptcies Likely to Increase

US Bankruptcies Likely to Increase Though quieter and less market-riling than a move weeks ago by Standard & Poor’s to downgrade the United States’ sovereign credit rating on debt and global economic slowdown concerns, another firm has issued a sort of cut as well to the Americans. The U.S.A., along with economic powerhouses Germany and France, were among six stripped ... Read More »

Credit Information: What does ‘Freshly Investigated Credit Reports Mean’?

On June 13, 2011 BIIA posted a story “Customers Turn Competitors” discussing the offering of ‘freshly investigated credit reports’ by credit management associations.  The story was prompted by a discussion within BIIA what ‘freshly investigated credit reports’ means in terms of in-date rules.  For instance are credit management associations producing these reports; or only act as distributors and whether the ... Read More »

Credit Information: Customers Turn Competitors

David Worlock, Co-Chair, Outsell Leadership Programs; Founder of Electronic Publishing and Chairman of BIIA said some time ago:  “One of the oldest maxims of electronic publishing is that customers are the next competitors” This is precisely what is going on in commercial credit information:  Two industry associations are competing with each other in offering what they call ‘freshly investigated’ credit ... Read More »

The State of Information in Global Markets (2005)

The attached compressed presentation was delivered by Joachim C Bartels at the FCIB International Credit Executives Conference in Chicago in April 2005. The slides illustrate the risk characteristics at that time. To view the presentation click on the link:  Compressed- Chicago EIS Conference April 2005 Read More »