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USA Risk Climate: November CMI Builds on Recent Optimism

The latest Credit Managers’ Index (CMI), published by the National Association of Credit Management (NACM), built upon the optimism from October’s CMI, when respondents shook off the government crisis in Washington to deliver the index’s best figures in over a year and a half.  November’s readings, available now on NACM‘s website, pushed to a high not seen yet this decade and ... Read More »

Credit Management: Pressure to Book Revenues Takes Its Toll on Credit Investigations

A survey of the National Association for Credit Management (NACM) indicates that a majority of companies give their credit departments enough time to feel comfortable with a customer’s creditworthiness before making a sale, nevertheless a sizable minority of them are still rushing blindly into potentially risky transactions.  This comes only a few years after the recession taught the world a ... Read More »

USA Country Risk Climate: Health Care Industry

Concerns over the cost to businesses of offering insurance to every American haven’t gone away, nor has the debate become any less peppered with vitriol.  That is especially the case among lawmakers, and it isn’t likely to change soon, said NACM Economist Chris Kuehl, PhD. That notwithstanding, the fact that a myriad of problems were unearthed at the time when ... Read More »

Country Risk Climates: Can Eastern Europe ever Catch Up?

The latest assessment of the economies of Eastern Europe from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is not very encouraging.  The report flatly states that nations in Eastern Europe, on the whole, will remain far behind their western counterparts for a very long time unless there is a strong re-commitment to the reforms undertaken in the years right ... Read More »

Credit Management: The Climb Continues – Measuring the Ever-increasing Value of the Credit and Risk Management Skill Set

A new report published by Accenture in September found that risk management is figuring into more and more companies’ decision –making processes as they continue to adapt to the market.  The 2013 edition of Accenture’s Global Risk Management study found that 98% of firms surveyed give a higher priority to risk management now than they did two years ago, and ... Read More »

NACM Reiterates Opposition as Virginia Continues Consideration of Commercial Credit Reporting Bill

The National Association of Credit Management (NACM) reiterated its opposition to Virginia House Bill 2198 this week as policymakers in the Commonwealth continue to consider the bill’s ramifications ahead of the next legislative session in 2014. NACM continues to oppose HB 2198 on the grounds that it would make it harder for commercial credit managers to get the information they ... Read More »

Transparency at Risk: Commercial Credit Reporting under Attack by Small Business Commission

Virgina, USA:  DEBATE OVER HB 2198 CONTINUES AT RECENT VIRGINIA SMALL BUSINESS COMMISSION MEETING The Virginia Small Business Commission continued its study of House Bill 2198 early September with the meeting of an ad hoc committee specifically formed to study the legislation, which would affect commercial credit reporting in the Commonwealth. NACM was in attendance, providing the committee with a ... Read More »

EX-IM Bank Highlights Its Role in U.S. Export Market

Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im) Chairman Fred Hochberg highlighted the important role his agency plays in supporting U.S. exporters in a speech to the Center for American Progress (CAP).  In the process, he also rebutted the philosophical arguments against renewing the Bank’s charter, which have become newly resurgent among conservatives in Congress. On its surface, Ex-Im would seem to be an agency ... Read More »

Credit Managers’ Index (CMI) Falls in July

The latest Credit Managers’ Index (CMI), published by the National Association of Credit Management (NACM), showed a minor decline in July, led by a sharp drop in collections. The “dollar collections” category hit one of the lowest readings of the past year—only three months in the last twelve were lower than in July, suggesting that there are some additional strains ... Read More »

Small Business: Virginia Small Business Commission Stays on the Sidelines on Credit Reporting Regulations

The Virginia Small Business Commission made no recommendation about whether to support or oppose House Bill 2198, which would affect commercial credit reports in the commonwealth.  It did, however, urge both parties in favor of and against the bill to work together to find common ground to address a perceived problem regarding the rights of the subject of a commercial ... Read More »

NACM Releases Commercial Credit Reporting Fact Sheet

In support of National Small Business Week, the National Association of Credit Management (NACM) released a fact sheet today offering the nation’s small businesses a quick reference document on commercial credit reporting.  The free fact sheet, titled “Commercial Credit Reporting: What Every Company Needs to Know,” provides the smallest of the nation’s firms with the information they need to be able to ... Read More »

The Quote of the Week: Customers are getting smarter …

“Change continues to accelerate.  We’re living today in a wired world.  Customers are getting smarter and they have those tools in their toolbox.  This new world is a world where choice happens instantly. It’s a world where prices are transparent.” Terry Jones, founder of Travelocity and author of On Innovation, at the recent 117th Annual Credit Congress of the National ... Read More »