News from the EASDP Congress

BIIA Chairman David Worlock commented on some of the more salient happenings at the recent EASDP congress in his latest blog: Good Bye Native Websites! One of the more surprising and perhaps the more shocking news was the announcement that EASDP was to merge with EIDQ, Europe’s directory enquiries services.  Obviously the Yellow Pages industry is unraveling too fast to ... Read More »

News from the EASDP Congress: The Predictive Analytics Revolution

BIIA partnered with the European Association for Search and Data Publishing on the subject of Analytics and BIG data.  BIIA’s Deputy Managing Director, Phil Cotter discussed the topic of “The Predictive Analytics Revolution”. Predictive Analytics is as old as history itself  – the Ancient Egyptians observed the movement of the stars, recorded the data and applying mathematics used it to ... Read More »

EASDP Congress: Major Trends in Business Information

BIIA partnered with the European Association for Search and Data Publishing on the subject of Analytics and BIG data. Joachim C Bartels, Managing Director of BIIA moderated a think tank on Data & Analytics.  He lead the discussion on eight key major trends: The Analytics Revolution is Under Way Wall Street Rewards Companies with Analytics The BIG Data Idea is Taking ... Read More »

EU Data Protection Act Update

On 9 July 2013, the European Parliament Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) held a joint debate on the data protection package.  Jan Philipp Albrecht (Greens/EFA, DE) presented a short state of play. He explained that progress is being made in terms of reaching compromise amendments.  He re-emphasised that the aim is to harmonise the data protection ... Read More »

EU Public Sector Information (PSI) Directive Paves the Way for Approach on Cost of Re-use of PSI Data

The European Parliament finally adopted the review of the PSI directive on 12 June, which paves the way for a better approach on the cost of re-use of public sector information. The electronic communications and digital market are also under the spotlight with Commissioner Kroes’ will to foster a true Digital Single Market for telecoms in Europe and with related ... Read More »

UK Consumers Think Social Media Crucial for SMEs

Four in ten (40 per cent) British consumers believe it’s ”crucial” that small businesses maintain a social media presence, according to new research.   A survey from Fasthosts Interned Ltd has found that most British consumers expect smaller companies to provide support and advice to their customers through online channels.  The web hosting firm surveyed over 2000 UK consumers to ... Read More »

EU Regulations on Data Protection and Public Sector Information

The debate on data protection remains tough and very sensitive, and the EP LIBE Committee has decided to postpone the initial exchange of views on the amendments which was forecast for 24 April in order to let the shadows have more time to discuss compromise amendments. The Public Sector Information issue might finally come to an end at institutional level, ... Read More »

Internet: European Parliament Vice President Alexander Alvaro calls for Ethics Committee for Internet Companies

In an interview published in Focus, the German news weekly, European Parliament VP Alexander Alvaro apparently demands the establishment of an ethics committee on internet companies, such as Google and Facebook.   Alvaro stated that he had been shocked about a recent suicide of a Canadian teenager and that the draft of the General Data Protection Regulation is not going far ... Read More »

BIIA and EASDP Partnered in the Biggest Event Dedicated to the Business of Database, Search and Directory Publishing

Toledo, Spain, Thursday September 20, 2012:  At the EASDP Congress a BIIA panel of experts discussed the important aspects of how to redefine Business Information, how to get new value out of ‘Old Databases’, and how to extract value from semi / unstructured data.  The discussion centered on the new phenomena of BIG DATA, which is being heralded as the ... Read More »