9th World Consumer Credit Reporting Conference Dubai 2014 a Great Success

The 9th World Consumer Credit Reporting Conference (October 19/21 2014 Grand Hyatt Dubai) was an outstanding success with over 300 credit information and financial services professionals attending. The event was organized by CDIA, the Consumer Data Industry Association (USA), ACCIS, the European Association for Consumer Credit Information Services, and the Credit Bureau of Saudi Arabia (SIMAH). Key topics centered on ... Read More »

9th World Consumer Credit Reporting Conference, Dubai UAE

Registrations for the 9th World Consumer Credit Reporting Conference in Dubai are ahead of expectations. As a result, we are close to reserving all the rooms we requested at the Hyatt, especially those at the guaranteed conference rate for delegates coming in before Oct. 19, or staying after Oct. 21. The Conference agenda is set. Some of the timely sessions ... Read More »

Mark Your Calendar: 9th Global Consumer Credit Reporting Conference

The 9th Global Credit Reporting Conference to Be Held At Grand Hyatt Dubai The organizing committee for the 9th World Consumer Credit Reporting Conference has chosen the Grand Hyatt Dubai to host the event October 19-21, 2014. Centrally located close to all the major attractions in Dubai, the spectacular Grand Hyatt is a five-star property surrounded by 37 acres of ... Read More »

EU Commission Workshop: Improving Credit Assessment and Information for SMEs in Europe to Facilitate Access to Finance for SME

The EU Commission had invited a diverse group of experts ranging from credit rating, credit information, banking, alternate finance, and capital market participants to discuss whether regulating credit scoring would facilitate access to finance for SMEs i.e. as a tool to advance lending. The workshop was well attended indicating intense interest in this topic.  There were eight BIIA members at ... Read More »

From the 8th WCCRC 2012 Conference in Taipei: Benefits Flow to UK Water Company from Sharing Payment Data

Jonathon Harding presented the success achieved by Yorkshire Water company in the UK of sharing payment data with the credit industry.  Amongst the benefits were an increase in the quality of their customer data, enabling them to improve the number of records on their file with full name & address from 25% to 75%.  This improvement allowed them to improve ... Read More »

ACCIS 2012 Annual General Assembly Meeting and Conference

ACCIS 2012 Annual General Assembly Meeting and Conference will be held in Reykjavik (Iceland) from 13-15 June 2012 The theme of our 2012 Conference will be “The New Landscape for Consumer Credit Reporting after the Crisis”.   Over two days members will discuss how the industry has adapted to the new environment, and what impact new regulatory initiatives are having or will ... Read More »

Responsible Lending and Borrowing: The Role of the Consumer Credit Information Industry

The Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers (ACCIS) devoted its entire annual conference (June 2011) to the topic of Responsible Lending and Borrowing: The Role of the Consumer Credit Information Industry.   Association members discussed intensively the need to work with consumers (data subjects) and regulators to create greater awareness of the role of the consumer credit bureau industry in the ... Read More »

European Data Protection: ACCIS Responds to Consultation of the EU Commission’s Comprehensive Approach to the Protection of Personal Data

The Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers (ACCIS) has responded to the Consultation on the Commissionʹs comprehensive approach on personal data protection in the European Union. The ACCIS response focuses on those questions that ACCIS believes are relevant to the industry.  The fundamental premise on which the ACCIS response is based is that the Data Protection Directive (DPD) is still an efficient ... Read More »

The European Consumer Credit Information Landscape

ACCIS (Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers) issued in March 2011 an analysis of a survey of credit bureaus in Europe.  The report was prepared by the European Credit Research Institute (ECRI) based in Brussels.  Established in 1999 for the study of banking and credit in Europe, ECRI focuses on institutional, economic and legal aspects related to retail finance and ... Read More »


BIIA Management attended the recent annual meeting of ACCIS (Association of Consumer Credit Information Services) in Budapest.   BIIA thanks the executive committee of ACCIS, for their kind invitation and congratulates Neil Munroe (Equifax) for being elected President of ACCIS.  In his opening speech Neil Munroe stressed several important issues facing the industry.  Lending and consumer spending are still subdued and ... Read More »

Meet our Afiliated Industry Association Member ACCIS?

ACCIS Established in Dublin in 1990, the Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers (ACCIS) is an international non-profit association under Belgian law bringing together 37 consumer credit reference agencies in 27 European countries and 4 associate members from all other continents. ACCIS’ main role consists in representing, promoting, protecting and preserving the common interests of its members. This includes in ... Read More »