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How effective has credit scoring been in reducing bad debts and at the same time increasing access to finance in the SME space.

This Question was raised on the LinkedIn Group SME Finance in Emerging Markets: Credit Professional:  “My concern with these models is an over-reliance on the outcomes, often to the detriment of the SME owner. At the same time, the financier can step back and provide little value and can replace skilled staff with less skilled thus saving on costs. Little ... Read More »

German Businesses Anemic in Disclosure Of Financial Statements

D&B Germany reports that during the first half of 2010 only 10% of German businesses have filed their financial statements for 2009.  D&B’s risk expert Martina Neumayr interprets the reason behind this delay: “Many companies are delaying filing to the last possible date because the credit crunch has impacted many companies negatively and want to hide the bad news as ... Read More »

Lending To Chinese Government Bodies About 27.7% Of Bank Lending

After the December 2008 stimulus package, the structure of Chinese bank lending has changed significantly, shifting greatly towards governmental lending. For Chinese banks, which classify government loans among their corporate loans, corporate lending in China increased 20.8% YoY in 2009.  Given the total growth rate of Chinese bank lending in 2009 of 33.07%, which is 22.70% beyond the average loan ... Read More »

SCHUFA Supervisory Board Fires CEO

SCHUFA, the leading German consumer credit bureau, issued a short statement in July, that it had dismissed its CEO: “Rainer Neumann has left the company with immediate effect.  The reasons behind this decision are irreconcilable positions concerning the strategic direction of the international business of SCHUFA”. Rainer Neumann was hired in 2000 and was instrumental in positioning SCHUFA as one ... Read More »