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BIIA Welcomes Arachnys

ArachnysThe digital platform powering due diligence in emerging markets

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  • The only bespoke research platform designed for due diligence and compliance professionals
  • Founded by former investigators and staffed by linguists, risk analysts and technology specialists
  • Risk, KYC, AML information in over 160 frontier and emerging markets refined consolidated and translated in real time
  • Next generation technology to take desktop research beyond mainstream web and news searches
  • Comprehensive emerging market PEP database
  • Deep-web capability allowing direct access to local and international news, corporate registries, government information, court documents, global sanctions lists
  • Search and get results in more than 60 languages with realtime translation

About the company and our services

Founded by former investigators and staffed by linguists, risk analysts and technology specialists, Arachnys uses human expertise and cutting edge technology to monitor and retrieve critical business information.

The platform allows due diligence professionals to process AML, KYC and other compliance checks in seconds while opening up emerging market data for research which would previously have taken days or even weeks to compile and review.

Arachnys covers global and local news sources, corporate registries, government information, court documents and global sanctions lists. All Arachnys data and information is curated constantly by risk and language experts to ensure reliability.

Advanced workflow tools allow users to understand and review information quickly and easily while creating an audit trail of their work. Ongoing monitoring also allows users keep up to date on the available data related to their research while flagging changes or new information.

Who uses the Arachnys platform

The Arachnys platform is used by several of the world’s largest investment banks, financial institutions and law firms while we also support the research functions within a number of corruption and risk consultancies as well as NGOs.

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